Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For all enquiries on my Enhancements courses &
Lash Extension Courses
Lessons are all starting from Nov 2010


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lash Extensions

All Lash Extensions are $100/set ( Any Style )
Touchup's: $25- $45
Removing: $35
Remover of Lash NOT done by Nailartbar: $45


$150 Lash Deal


1 set Lash ( Any Style )

1 x Touchup

1 x Remover session

* If touchup is not redeemed, clients can opt to top-up $70

to do another new set of lash ( Any Style )
Lash Packages Avaliable:
( All with touchup's & Remover Sessions )
$480 - 5 sets
$980 - 11 sets > Unlimited touchups
( Free 1 set - Oct 2010 Promo )
Total: 12 sets

Oct Updates

Silver Glitter Gel Extension with Lace & Pink disco balls inlays.
Topped with 3D roses and Swarovski'ssss

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nail Enhancement Courses

Nailartbar is starting 2 Enhancement nail courses:
Novice Acrylic Course
( 10hrs )
Course Content:
• Hygiene• Chemical Awareness• Nail Disorders• Tip Application• French• Natural Nail Overlays• Product Application• Polish Application• Enhancement Removal• Consultation• Maintenance• Acrylic vs. Gel• Acrylic Resin System• Preparation• Form Fitting• Acrylic Sculpting• Tip Overlays - Acrylic• Re-balancing ( infills ) Acrylic• File Finishing
Advanced Training Modules
( 20hrs )
Course Content:
Module 1 - FlawLess French Acrylic
Module 2 – Design Scupltured/ Embedded Designs
Module 3 –Gel Enhancements
Module 4 - Infills Gel
Module 5 – 3D Art/ Art Acrylic/ Art Gel
Pls email to enquire.
Many training organizations have large class numbers. My class size is deliberately kept to a maximum of 2 students. I am unable to take in everyone who wants to train with me for this reason. However, rest assured that this is the best way to train because the nail courses is highly practical. You need maximum interaction with your educator.
Lessons are conducted at Shop.
Many instructors are not nail technicians. In fact, many can't do a good set of nails. It sounds crazy but unfortunately there are many instructors in this industry that can't perform a good set of nails. Having 8 yrs of hands on experience with a wide circle of clients, rest assured that I’ll be as hands on during our lessons as possible.Rest assured,I am a certified Master Educator.
Students can opt for lessons on days you are free Mon - Sat,
Min 2hrs to clocked on each lesson.
As long as arrange with me, its a
" Own time Own target " course!
If you like fun, nails, art and attention given lessons,
Do drop me an email!
Lessons are starting Nov 2010

Simple VS Design Sculptured

Simple Eco Gel Tips Extensions with Polish!
Elegant and outstanding.
OPI: Quarter Of A Century
* Eco Gel Tips Extensions $140

Using NfuOh: Design Sculptured Acrylic extensions
( Acrylic marbling French )
with 3D and blings!
* Design Sculptured starts from: $220 on extensions alone.
Nailart is additional.

* sorry for the overdue pics....
There are more... hahahaha

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pls note

I will be away for my Bday trip with my loveliesssss.

Closed 23 July - 27 July 2010

Appts for 29 July is filled.

Do email me for appts.

L-O-V-E-L-Y + Simplicity

Top/Bottom: A Lovely bride! With Eco gel extension,
swarovski'ssss and pearls!

Pastel Purple Acrylic Extension with glitter.
Using NfuOh & Finished with NfuOh Gel top coat.

Ice Cream nails!
Gel Overlay set with cream, strawberries and kitty bows!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Star Nail Eco Soak Off Gel!

New Gel products in da house!

Star Nail Eco Soak Off Gel!
All 23 shades avaliable!

Eco Soak Off UV Gel. Semi-Permanent UV Nail Polish. The fastest soak off UV gel in the industry! 3 minutes to cure, 5 minutes to soak off. Strengthens natural nails, never separates at the free edge, never lifts, no rubbery finish, fills & smooths uneven ridges, dries instantly with UV light. Clear never yellows.

Colors: 1: Pink 2: White 3: Clear/Base Coat Gel 4: Moonlight Shimmer 5: Plum Passion 6: Plum Pacifica 7: Black Sand 8: Barefoot Pink 9: Pink Coral 10: Paradise Purple 11: Garden of Eden Red 12: Red Cherry 13: Hibiscus 14: Moroccan Clay 15: Snow 16: Diamond 17: Carrot 18: Merlot 19: Glimmer Passion Fruit 20: Ruby Red 21: Golden Aubergine 22: Red Rock 23: Mother of Pearl 24: English Rose 25: Flamingo

Clients using Eco Soak Off Gel kindly top up
additional $10 per set of Gel nails.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oval Nails & updates

Sorry for the lack of updates recently....
Been really forgetful... :(
Didn't snap like many sets of nails...
and recently 4 sets of really gorgeous nails... :( :( :(
Girls, do snap it and tag me on Facebook ya...
An Oval set of acrylic glitter extensions, with gel seal.
Completed with swarovski encrusted mini ribbons,
silver & gold chains, gold studs & AB swarovski'sss.
Inspired by Nail Max.
A dual glitter gel extension.
Topped with pearls, blings and 3D petals.
A Bridal set of nails.

Nail Art Bar will be CLOSED 28th, 29th May 2010.
Alway for a short trip...
Back to work 31st May!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Current fav set of nails.....

Acrylic 2 tone glitter extensions

With 3D art and tonnes of blingbling & pearls!

Apparently, after client was done with nails, she was being interviewed on
the streets by Channel 8 crew.

Proudness.... hee

Wonder when will the interview be shown?!? mmhhh...

This is what I would call:

The BIG BLING BLIND set of nails!


Its Purple colour gel extensions with

huge huge embellishments!

Its just filled with swarovski'ssss, chains,

emerald look alike purple marbled stones!

Way too bling in real....

Client said even ppl whom she dunno, approached her and ask bout her nails....

She is enjoying the limelight thou!


Baby pink coloured gel extensions!

With embedded PA lace, pokadots and with 3D bows & petals.

Black acrylic powder are really hard to handle....

Phewwww... but i survived!

That's all for now peeps.

xxx Loves


Will be shifting to blogspot

Dear gals,pals,ladies,lovesss

Nailartbar will be shifting to blogspot for good....
Bandwidth exceeded on freewebs!
Can't update with new pics, coz I refused to delete any pics to make space...

All post on freewebs are my babies.... cannot delete pics lah.

Started my updates on freewebs since donkey years ago....

Kinda... sad coz I have to "migrate" to blogspot....

Hope blogspot will serve Nailartbar for many years more to come.

Shall update some pics from Nailartbar's Facebook...

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