Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pls note :)

I will be away from 21 July - 27 July

On Birthday vacation.

Do book appts for dates from 28 July.

Gelish Nailart - July 2011

New GELISH RIO Neon Orange: Tiki Tiki Laranga

Check out the Neon glow in the UV Lamp

Gelish RIO Neon Pink: Shake it till you Samba

Once again.... the glow in the UV lamp :)

Gelish Minnie nails!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gelish Nailart

Gelish is not just a boring plain gel polish.....

at Nail Art Bar, I loved creating nailart with it!

All done using Gelish!

Marc Jacobs Gelish Art

Gelish Crack Polish look-A-like nailart with 3D bows

Gradation Sponging Gelish with Nailart and blings

Tiger Strips Gelish Art

Pokadot French Gelish with 3D mini Bows

Retrolicious Gelish Nailart

Summer Leopard Prints Gelish nailart