Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Current fav set of nails.....

Acrylic 2 tone glitter extensions

With 3D art and tonnes of blingbling & pearls!

Apparently, after client was done with nails, she was being interviewed on
the streets by Channel 8 crew.

Proudness.... hee

Wonder when will the interview be shown?!? mmhhh...

This is what I would call:

The BIG BLING BLIND set of nails!


Its Purple colour gel extensions with

huge huge embellishments!

Its just filled with swarovski'ssss, chains,

emerald look alike purple marbled stones!

Way too bling in real....

Client said even ppl whom she dunno, approached her and ask bout her nails....

She is enjoying the limelight thou!


Baby pink coloured gel extensions!

With embedded PA lace, pokadots and with 3D bows & petals.

Black acrylic powder are really hard to handle....

Phewwww... but i survived!

That's all for now peeps.

xxx Loves


Will be shifting to blogspot

Dear gals,pals,ladies,lovesss

Nailartbar will be shifting to blogspot for good....
Bandwidth exceeded on freewebs!
Can't update with new pics, coz I refused to delete any pics to make space...

All post on freewebs are my babies.... cannot delete pics lah.

Started my updates on freewebs since donkey years ago....

Kinda... sad coz I have to "migrate" to blogspot....

Hope blogspot will serve Nailartbar for many years more to come.

Shall update some pics from Nailartbar's Facebook...

DO add Nailartbar to your FACEBOOK....