Thursday, December 15, 2011

CNY 2012 appts Opened now

CNY 2012 appointments are open from today. First come first serve...

Additional Surcharge of $15 from 3Jan 2012 - 1 Feb 2012.

Please book thru 98208727 (SMS or Whatsapp ONLY) Will reply within the day.

Please check for available slots and wait for nailartbar's acknowledgement BEFORE transfer of deposit.

Transfer $30 to confirm CNY bookings. Please transfer within 24hrs to secure appointment slot.

Slots will be given out to others if deposit not receive within 24hrs of booking.

Posb Savings 158-29304-8

Printscreen or sent me pic of ATM slip via Whatsapp, email or MMS.

There will be a surcharge of $15 during peak period bookings. For package clients, kindly pay surcharge in cash on day of appointment. Surcharge NOT deductible thru package credits.

ALL express or classic pedicure unavailable during peak period bookings.


Please book appointments clearly stating what services...

Gelish with 3D nailart...
Nail extension with 3D nailart....
Lash extensions...
Remove and new lash extensions...
Etc etc

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GELISH Winter Red Series

Coming soon....
In fact, next week! But I'll be away...

Do book appointments for slots after 14dec 2011!

Closed 29nov - 14dec

I felt as if I did 3000 set of nails the past weeks!

Some nail sets I did recently....
Trying to update as often from the iPad :)

All pics shown are Gelish based nails...
Added 3D nailart, Gelish art, bling art...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Gelish Marbling :)

Gelish French with a touch of marbling!

Gelish with Classic Manicure $85
Gelish with Express Manicure $70

French Gelish :+$25/whole set
Marbling Gelish :+$45/whole set
Marbling Gelish :per nail +$6


Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 XMAS Promo!

All Xmas Package promo only valid for sign up from 18Nov2011 - 28Dec2011

* Special Anna Sui & Gucci gifts for first 10 clients who sign up!

Nail Package Promo!

$850 Nett for $1350 credits!
( usual: $1100 credits )

Lash Package Promo!

$480 Nett for 6 sets of lash extensions!
-6 x touchups
-6 x removals
* Xmas Bonus:
FREE 6 x eyebrow shaping!Worth $60!
( usual: 5 sets, no eyebrow shaping. )

Gelish sponge marbling :)

Did another version of Gelish marbling.... Sponging technique!

Of coz, added lots of 3D nailart & blings like always!

The base is hard gel extensions.

Love it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 Shades of New Gelish!

Beautiful shades with a lovely cause!

Available in Nailartbar NOW!

GELISH with Classic Manicure: $85
GELISH with Express Manicure: $70


1) Less Talk (Bright Pink)
2) Take Action (Light Pink)
3) Make a Difference (Sheer Pink)

HAND & NAIL HARMONY has donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure $1.27 in connection with each specially marked bottle of Gelish, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000.00.

Acrylic/ Gel

More updates on Nailartbar's Facebook page!

Updates :)

Sorry for lack of updates recently....
Do add Nailartbar to your Facebook for more pics and status updates!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pls note :)

I will be away from 21 July - 27 July

On Birthday vacation.

Do book appts for dates from 28 July.

Gelish Nailart - July 2011

New GELISH RIO Neon Orange: Tiki Tiki Laranga

Check out the Neon glow in the UV Lamp

Gelish RIO Neon Pink: Shake it till you Samba

Once again.... the glow in the UV lamp :)

Gelish Minnie nails!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gelish Nailart

Gelish is not just a boring plain gel polish.....

at Nail Art Bar, I loved creating nailart with it!

All done using Gelish!

Marc Jacobs Gelish Art

Gelish Crack Polish look-A-like nailart with 3D bows

Gradation Sponging Gelish with Nailart and blings

Tiger Strips Gelish Art

Pokadot French Gelish with 3D mini Bows

Retrolicious Gelish Nailart

Summer Leopard Prints Gelish nailart

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New RIO Neon Gelish Collection in!

Another 6 shades of really gorgeous summer tones from GELISH!

Blue: Ooba Ooba Blue

Green: Amazon Flirt

Yellow: Copacabana Banana

Orange: Tiki Tiki Laranga

Pink: Shake it till you Samba

Purple: Carnival Hangover

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Harmony Gelish Package Deal!

Promo Sign-Up valid April 2011 to 3 May 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Is Filled with Good Good Deals!

April 2011 Promo:

$480 Lash package is back with 6 sets!

( usual: 5 sets )

Touchups & Removal Included


$550 Nails package is back with $800 credits!

( usual: $700 credits )

Welcoming Harmony Gelish!

Harmony Gelish needs no further introduction.....

Soak-Off Gel Polish

Last up to 3 weeks!

Say no more to chipped polish!

"Performs Like Gel, Apply Like Polish!"

64 shades of choice!

Nailartbar is having a Introductory Promotion for the Month of April 2011!

Harmony Gelish Nails


6 Steps Express Gelish Manicure

Shaping Buffing Nail Cleanser Gelish Foundation Gelish Color Gelish Top Coat


Add $15 for Glitter Gelish

Add $15 for Pedi Nails

Add $15 for French Nails

Add $10 for 3 coats application

Add $20 for Classic Manicure

Add $30 for Classic Pedicure

April 2011 Promotion of the Harmony Gelish Includes FREE Removal of Gelish when you do the following next set!

Gel Extension w Gelish Color


Apply gel over extended nail tip, apply gel, gelish foundation, gelish color, gelish top coat *Add $15 for French Nails

Gel Extension w Gelish Glitter Gradation


Apply gel over extended nail tip, apply gel, gelish foundation, gelish glitter gradation, gelish top coat

Gel Extension w Gelish Color and Glitter


Apply gel over extended nail tip, apply gel, gelish foundation, gelish color and glitter, gelish top coat

Gelish Removal $30

Kindly SMS 98208727 for appointments


Share This Link on your FB wall and Tag me your share....

You May win A FREE Harmony Gelish Service with Classic Manicure worth $70!

Will select 3 winners End April 2011!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

CNY Promo 2011

For Every Nail Package sign-up,
there will be a BONUS of $88 credits!

$550 Package = $700 credits
+ $88 credits as CNY Bonus!

$850 Package = $1200 credits
+ $88 credits as Bonus!

* Pls Note: CNY Surcharge of $8 starts

17 Jan 2011

Most recent Updates will be done on
Nailartbar's Facebook page .

Do add Nailartbar

EzFlow Gelez Gel Polish

EzFlow Gelez
available in Nailartbar NOW!

Gel polish last more than 2-3 weeks!
Gelez Overlay with classic manicure @ $110!
*Overlay= no extension, over natural nails.
For Gel Extensions $130
Add Gelez Polish + $20